It’s time for our annual Into The Blue dance hosted by the seals from Division 35 West Key Club!
There will be appetizing food, a live DJ, and music to make you dance the night away with your friends :)

Location: Arcadia Community Center
Date: Friday, February 17th, 2012
Time: 7PM - 11PM
Dress Code: Semi-Formal Blue Attire
Tickets: $15 Pre-Sale | $20 At the Door
All proceeds go toward Pediatric Trauma Prevention!

You don’t have to be in D35W or in Key Club to attend. However, you MUST be 21 or younger. (We WILL check ID.)

If you have any further questions or would like to purchase a ticket, please visit our ITB facebook event page :)

  02/04/12 at 07:07pm

HEY, SEALS! Start thinking about going! Guaranteed to be one of your best high school experiences.

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  12/05/11 at 07:00pm

I’m really, really proud of you guys, and I hope you guys are too. 434 members?! We took up TWO huge sections! You could have seen the sea of silver & teal from miles away! Even though we didn’t win the spirit stick, we still gave it our all and that got us to the final round. Members were screaming their lungs out, clashing their thunder sticks, and truly representing Division 35 West. That’s what Key Club’s really all about. Being a part of something bigger.

And hey. There’s always next year. (:

  11/20/11 at 09:22pm

Your Fall Rally checklist!

  11/18/11 at 04:10pm

Fall Rally Information

Depending on what school you’re from, you will be meeting up at either Arcadia Park or Baldwin Park High School.

@ Arcadia Park:




El Monte


@ Baldwin Park High School:

Baldwin Park

Glen A. Wilson


Los Altos

Mountain View

Sierra Vista

West Covina

Be at your assigned destination at 7 A.M. SHARP. We are leaving at 8 A.M., but we need to do sign-ins, pass out shirts, and finalize other things before we leave. You do not want us to leave without you, which we WILL if you are not THERE ON TIME. We are in the SECOND SESSION at 1:30, but our division is meeting at the Golden Bear Theater at 12 to get good seats and practice our cheers. We will be leaving Six Flags at 6 P.M. If you are attending Fall Rally, remember to fill out this form and bring it with you tomorrow morning: 


Also remember to bring $2 for Thunderstix, which you will be turning in as you get on the bus. Anyone that does NOT pay for Thunderstix money does NOT get on the bus.

Thank you! SEAL you all tomorrow!

  11/18/11 at 04:04pm